Configuring a laser trimming system

There are a number of questions to be addressed in deciding the optimum configuration for a laser trimming system. LS engineers will discuss your application with you and recommend the best solution. e.g.

  1. Is the value to be adjusted by passive trimming (trim to a specific resistor or capacitor value) or active/functional trimming (trim a circuit parameter such as voltage, current, frequency)?
  2. Are the resistors thin film or thick film?
  3. What accuracy is required?
  4. What throughput is required?
  5. How is circuit to be contacted  edge connector, prober or flying probes?
  6. Manual or automatic loading/unloading?
  7. Is special instrumentation required?
  8. Stand-alone trimmer or integrated into a production line?

diode-pumped laser copy
OEM diode pumped laser

step & repeat table with prober.

flying probes
Flying probes

agilent 3458a
IEEE Bus Instruments

laser resistor trimming system
Manual loading laser trimming system