Laser Marking Software

The “LS2000” software enables you to control laser markers and laser trimmers. The software runs under Windows, XP preferable. The LS2000 software enables you to:

  • write user programs
  • execute user programs
  • simulate user programs

The user programs are developed by means of a flowchart which includes a list of commands. During programming the software checks for missing program parts, such as specific parameters, and requests the user to insert these.

All positioning and laser cuts can be displayed as lines in a simulation on the monitor screen. For this purpose the Galvo Control Card (GKK) for controlling the defection unit is not required.

A user program must generally be constructed from the following components:

  1. Sets of parameters to control the laser
  2. Positioning commands for beam deflection
  3. Marking commands
  4. Control and/or branch commands as necessary for program flow

Beside the programmer’s mode you can run LS200 in an user mode as well. Than a customised html-page is displayed instead of the flow-chart. Within this page you can monitor company logos and variable data as well as start actions like input of variable data.