Scribing, drilling and cutting ceramic substrates using a laser system.

ceramic processing system copyIn hybrid technology it is often necessary to scribe and break out the large area substrates (typically 4″ or 6″) according to the size of the individual circuits. For vias and for special profiles the substrates have to be drilled and cut. For these applications LS Laser Systems has developed the LS-250C ceramic substrate processing system.

The LS-250C Laser-System processes your ceramic substrates according to your guidelines. You scribe, cut and drill your substrates fast, economic and with best possible efficiency. Two optics with corresponding nozzles are integrated within the LS-250C. Therefore you can drill, cut and scribe at the same process step. The adjustable air pressure can be activated via a programmable beam switch and is controlled by sensors.

LS-250C ceramic processing system including optics and camera system is mounted on a profile portal chassis. Personal Computer, laser power supply and motor control are embedded within the chassis. Depend on design the whole front side can be opened for adjustment. The safety housing is already prepared for a later adaptation to automatic load and unload units. The work-station is accessible via a manual cover from front side. This cover is equipped with safety interlock switches, which interrupt the laser beam by a safety-shutter when cover is opened.

An internal exhaust adapted to an external interface exists. LS-250C corresponds according DIN EN 60825/VDE 0837 resp. VGB 93

holes drilled in ceramic substrate by laser

cross section through a scribe line