Industrial Lasers for Circuit Trimming, Marking and Laser Micro machining

LS Laser Systems GmbH has been producing industrial laser systems since 1993. With our in-house research, development, applications, manufacturing and servicing all under one roof, and more than 550 systems installed worldwide we are in the perfect situation not only to solve your specific requirements at an economical price and within a reasonable timescale, but also to support you for the lifetime of the system.

Laser Trimming

You are an electronics manufacturer perhaps making sensors, automotive electronics, avionics or hybrid circuits. For many of these applications laser trimming for fine circuit adjustment is still the fastest, most reliable and most economical method. LS engineers have unparalleled experience in laser trimming systems used  by micro electronics manufacturers for fine adjustment of circuits. More about laser trimming For hybrid circuit manufacturers LS supplies laser systems for scribing, cutting and drilling ceramic substrates. More about ceramic substrate processing.

More about laser trimming

Laser Marking

Marking materials is one of the main uses of industrial lasers and there is a great number of suppliers of laser marking systems. Some applications are quite straightforward but if your requirements are a little different, LS engineers have the experience to design and build OEM and custom laser marking systems for high quality, and the more challenging marking applications.

More about laser marking.

Custom Laser Applications

You have a new process, want to reduce your manufacturing cost or shorten your manufacturing time? LS engineers have the experience and the skills required to develop laser processing systems for your specific application.

More about custom applications.